Riffa Views
Atmosphere Burj Khalifa
3D personal work
Mayrig Restaurant Dubai
Sparkling Sky Hospitality
Aficionado Boutique
Eiriana Luxury Suites
City Centre Bahrain 'National Day'
JADORE Jewelery
Shawarma Xpress
'NICE' Home Accessories Mall Activation
Elite Group Hospitality 'Valentines'
Klub360 'Valentines'
LeCuistot 'Food Caterer'
City Centre Bahrain 'Fall For Fashion 2012'
City Centre Bahrain Mall Pitch
City Centre Bahrain Mall 'Apple Campaign'
City Centre Bahrain Mall Launch
Zain Telecom 'Youth Packages'
Zain Telecom 'A Time of Wonders'
Kleenex (Kimberly Clarks)
BSPCA-Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals
Riffa Views (Real Estate Project)
Carati Jewellery Launch
Publication Design
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